Why Driftwood is Versatile and How it Helps Create Stunning Wall Arts

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Why Driftwood is Versatile and How it Helps Create Stunning Wall Arts

Wood is a contemporary artistic medium and an excellent material for modern art. It is used in both traditional and modern styles to create art and sculptures. It is also used in crafts, furniture and decorations (wood burning, chip carving, marquetry). After painting, it looks even more fascinating and beautiful. Carpenters and wood workers use it to create a number of useful items including cabinets, musical instruments and wall arts. Artists use wood for sculptures and wood art, because it is inexpensive, easily available and easier to shape. Some wood types like driftwood only need a skillful arrangement to create an art.

While creating a driftwood wall art, an artist must develop specific skills to arrange it and design it properly. Driftwood is a great sculpting medium, because it is not affected by water, rot, and air. The use of driftwood for creating home décor items and wall art is a brilliant idea. They are not only beautiful, but also eco-friendly and there is the use of reclaimed old wood for the creation of new designs. Driftwood items are durable and look fantastically rustic.

Some of the cool creations by artists are;

–    Driftwood console table
–    Driftwood coffee table
–    Driftwood mirror
–    Christmas tree
–    Fireplace mantel
–    Side table
–    Dining table
–    Driftwood lamps, etc.

Apart from the above, some easy and unique driftwood items are available in the market including, candle holder, jewelry hanger, photo display, candle holder, etc.

A lamp:

Although the lamp is not a wall art, it can be attached to the wall as a bed light or an interior décor item. In most of the beach houses, you can find tropical resort design lamps that look interesting and amazing.

A driftwood mirror:

A driftwood mirror can enhance almost any room by creating beach nostalgia and presenting beachside serenity. The sunburst mirror design has a natural beige finish that helps create a water-worn look and makes it a long lasting nautical treasure for years to come. Some of the designers’ custom shape any shape and size of driftwood mirror that can be hanged on wall or kept on a table.

A wall sculpture:

Driftwood wall hanging sculptures can be easily created while bringing all the colors and textures into one striking art piece. A round shaped wall sculpture can be hung indoors and out in different kinds of room decors right from beach to modern. It can be hung above the fireplace mantel, above the bed, on a wall adjacent to the dining table etc.

Driftwood can be a perfect accent that can deliver a dramatic effect. A child’s name could just be arranged and painted on a wall using small pieces of driftwood. A sea horse can be created on a wall to add dramatic beauty to a living room.

Other forms of driftwood wall art include a picture frame, a personalized wind chime, a key rack and a hanging vase can give a perfect finishing touch to coastal home décor. Even though it is worn, weathered and discarded by the sea, the design possibilities are endless. They can be used to decorate homes by transforming driftwood into different home accents.

Source by Bruce Hassan

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