The Fleur de Lis Design – Using This Design in Home Decor

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The Fleur de Lis Design – Using This Design in Home Decor

The Fleur de Lis Design

The Fleur de Lis symbol is historically associated with the French monarchy. Here in the United States, you see influences of the Fleur de Lis design in areas where the French settled – Louisiana, St. Louis, and Louisville, and in French-Canadian regions such as Quebec. The fleur de lis emblem is seen on everything from coat of arms, to banners, paintings, and even graffiti. The New Orleans Saints logo closely resembles the Fleur De Lis, due to the French influence in that city. The Fleur de Lis symbol is historic and one that is easily recognized. It is seen around the world and has even made its way into the designs of home architecture.
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Fleur Tissue Holder

The Fleur de Lis is a stylized lily, which is the French word for “flower.” In describing the symbol, it has a middle “leaf” and two smaller side leaves that curve downward. The symbol is just about always seen in some variation of this basic design. There is a small horizontal bar that wraps around the bottom of the three separate leaves, to give the appearance of a band that holds them together. The Fleur de Lis isn’t a complication design in nature, but it can be elaborated upon or seen in different colors and sizes. It is a symbol that gives off a regal distinction.

Fleur Towel Ring

This symbol isn’t only seen on political and cultural emblems. It has stretched from a logo to a design piece that homeowners adorn their furniture with. Commonly, bath hardware will feature fleur de lis pieces that really add elegance and a sophisticated, classic touch to the room. Also, given its cultural influence, is a perfect addition for your French décor.

The Fleur de Lis is one of the many different architectural styles offered in door, window, cabinet, lighting and bathroom hardware section. Accessories adorned with this symbol include towel rings, as well as towel bars, hooks, and even tissue holders. The symbol in this towel ring is more stylized than what you would see in the basic Fleur de Lis. Here, the symbol is made up of individual, curved bars that are open between them. Additionally, a diamond adorns the front of the pattern. This Fleur de Lis piece is rich with style and elegance and it displays the different ways that you can stylize the classic French symbol. Additionally, the braided ring makes for a wonderful complimentary piece.

Try visiting Look In The Attic – they can also give you the option of having your Fleur de Lis hardware come in a polished brass, antique brass, polishec chrome, flat black or oil rubbed bronze finishes.

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