Popular Sculptures that are Made of Driftwood

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Popular Sculptures that are Made of Driftwood

Driftwood is found in waterfront areas and it provides both food & shelter for birds, fish along with other aquatic species. Driftwood is the remaining of trees in whole or part. They can be used as part of decorative furniture and other art forms. When we talk about sculptures, they are made on beaches or mudflats.

Driftwood is natural and considered as budget savvy for creating any kind of décor. Furniture made of driftwood is eco-friendly and durable. Designers create driftwood side table, dining table, mirrors, chairs, tables and shelves that fit well in every single interior style. Some of the homeowners also try DIY home furniture and interior décor items. They may end up with an ugly piece. It is wise to buy driftwood items from expert designers. Here we have gathered some information regarding driftwood sculptures that showcase its importance and value.

Driftwood sculptures:


Artist Lars Vilks has created a driftwood artwork at Kullaberg, Sweden that led to the declaration of Ladonia as an independent nation. Nimis is a structure of 75 tones of driftwood. One can’t reach near the sculpture easily and it was probably the main reason why this unique art work was not discovered for two years after its final design in 1980. The structure is connected by many wooden towers.

The Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy:

Sometimes, people call it The Green Oscars. Ashden is a UK based Charity dedicated to sustainable energy and development. They do research in the field of sustainable energy and deliver certify annual Ashden Awards. They also provide practical support for award winners. These awards are given to organizations and businesses that deliver sustainable energy schemes. These awards are designed with driftwood.

Other sculptures:

In the late 60s, driftwood sculptures were created on the Emeryville, California mudflat along with marsh area of San Francisco Bay. Similarly, a sculpture was designed in France by the visitors to the exhibition “Marcher dans le pas des glaneurs” in 2008. You may be aware about the sculpture of horses created by popular artist Deborah Butterfield. Before being cast in bronze, the horses are rendered from driftwood.

If you are a regular reader of the Marlin Magazine, you may have come across driftwood big game fish sculptures designed by the artist Melanie Klaas. These are quite amazing.

After getting inspired by these sculptures, many people have started buying, home décor items and furniture made of driftwood. If you want to make your interior more dramatic, you have to get some interesting driftwood decorative along with, driftwood end table, mirror frame, and more. You can also bring a coffee table, a console table, or a fireplace mantel to create a rustic look inside.

However, home furniture designed using this kind of wood is absolutely beautiful and creates a rustic beach décor. These furniture pieces are considered as the perfect blend of art and nature as they are gathered from around the islands, and seashore. Shop from an expert wood worker who can provide you with sand blasted, hand waxed, perfectly leveled and securely bolted items.

Source by Bruce Hassan

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