Hand Woven Kashmiri Rugs for Sophistication and Style in Your Home Decor

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Hand Woven Kashmiri Rugs for Sophistication and Style in Your Home Decor

Do you want to enhance the appearance of your home and make it impressive? Then invest in good quality handmade rugs. You can buy rugs online as there are many good companies present online that provide superlative quality rugs. Before buying online rugs make sure that the rug which you are buying is worth the investment. Rugs are the most popular and easy way to make your home bright and stunning. The rugs are made by machine, or they are handmade. They are also available as completely hand-woven or partially hand woven.

The design and pattern of rugs vary from place to place. Designs and patterns are mostly influenced by the geographical locations and the culture of the people inhabiting in those locations. Kashmiri rugs which are a huge hit in India and also at the international level have its own appeal. They are intricately woven from pure silk, which is obtained from cocoons. There are myriad of designs and Patterns available in Kashmiri rugs. For instance, chain stitch rugs are hugely popular, which are crafted from the pristine artisans of Kashmir. Chain stitch rugs are tremendously popular in the entire world and not just at the national level. These are brilliantly hand woven and their processing time takes months to complete.

Kashmiri chain stitch rugs require colorful threads, hooks and a thick cloth on which the embroidery is going to be made. The fabric of the chain stitch rug is primarily linen, dasooti, Jute and cotton duck. The design of the embroidery is first printed on the white color fabric which is washed followed by ironing. The pattern is drawn on the material of the rug via screen printing or stencils. The design or the pattern of the rugs is mostly flowers and shrubs. An eye-catching pattern is then handcrafted with chain stitch, and the result is just amazing. The threads which are used in rugs are woolen, linen or silk threads. You can buy chain stitch rugs which come in different sizes.

The popular sizes of chain stitch rugs are 2×3 feet, 3×5 feet, 6×4 feet, 8×12 feet and 9×12 feet. The vibrant chain stitch Kashmiri Online Rugs are an entity of worth investment. You can buy them and bring liveliness in your living room, or you can simply use them as wall hangings.

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